GNR Large Atlantic

Project Update


We are currently taking reservations for this project with an anticipated delivery scheduled for late 2012.

If you are interested in reserving a GNR Large or small boiler Atlantic please contact us to confirm availability prior to sending an order, we would be happy to forward a package of information containing the versions and specifications.

To reserve your chosen model a deposit of £500.00 is required, the first pre-production model will be available to view in June. June will be the time for the second deposit. A fully finished and fully lined model will be available in September with the final production by the end of the year when the balance to be settled prior to delivery.

Price £2450.00. With Loksound extra £175.00
Plus P&P

Versions Offered : 6

Production Quantity : 60

30.03.12 - To start off with we currently have taken orders with deposits for 19 large boiler versions and 1 small boiler version, the factory is working on the production drawings and will be available to view on this site in due cause. If anybody sees a mistake of any kind please do not hesitate to contact us. There will also be photos of the model as it is being made together with photos of the many parts. I am very pleased that Bryan Robertson has agreed to program our Lok Sound Systems and the first pre-production model will have one of these units installed. Further information will be available a little later.

15.9.12 - Due to lack of information the factory in Korea were unable to continue with the GODís (general outline drawings) it took several months to find the missing information for them to continue with the design, but this is now behind us and we are able to carry on.

The GODís are now coming through and I am pleased to be able to show them on my website, as I feel they will be of interest to those customers who have placed orders. I now have quite a lot to show you.

As each drawing arrives I will be going through them and making corrections as we go.

Front and rear Wheel Centre

Drive Wheel Centre 1st

Drive Wheel Centre 2nd

These three pictures show the drawings of the wheels with dimensions, pictures of these will posted when samples arrive.

Tender Assembly

This is the drawing of the finished tender assembly drawing for the Large boiler Atlantic.

Cab Side and Roof Version 3

Cab Side and Roof Version 5 and 6

Loco Right Side View Version 3

Loco Right Side View Version 5

Although the drawings of the loco are not yet finished I felt they might be of interest, there are several mistakes which I have already seen and these will be corrected.

Further news will be posted as it arrives.

To all those customers who took the time to see me at Telford, many thanks, I found that the travelling took its toll this year, so it might be my last year. Having spoken with my good friend Dave at Roxey Mouldings he says he will be more than pleased to take the finished models to the shows.

This will be a big advantage to me because I will get nationwide coverage. His next major show is Reading at the beginning of December and by that time I should have the first pre-production model for Dave to display. I will keep you posted.

4.12.12 - Since my last update a lot has been going on and I can now show you the first of the GOD,s from the factory, you can see from the drawing the basic outline of the large boiler Atlantic version 3. You will notice a few errors especially the wheel base, this has now been corrected which brings the splashers to their correct position . You can also see how they will fit the motor and looking at the plan view see how the gap has been left for the inside valve gear. Other small errors that we have noticed will also be corrected.

The second drawing shows how we have corrected the wheel spacingís.

The main problem that the factory had to deal with was lack of specific information , this has held up the project whilst we researched the class of locos only to find far more differences than we at first anticipated . We were lucky enough to find an enthusiast who very kindly photographed the preserved Large boiler Atlantic No.251 at Burrow Hill . He was able to take over 200 photos which has now cleared up many features which were unclear.

This is the first of the CAD drawings of the chassis showing a lot more detail, steam pipe, horn guides, reversing gear etc, still more to be added..

This is the CAD drawing of the rear axle box and spring detail for the rear trailing wheel. More to follow. Take a look at the section ďSample Models & PhotosĒ to see the first views of the Tender.

Special Offers

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PK82/92 GER Wool Wagon £4.50
PK72/92 GER Cargo Wagon £6.50
GWR covered footbridge £85.00 each
PK31/87 HR T.P.O £5.00
PK30/87 LNER T.P.O £9.60
PK35/88 MR T.P.O £8.50
PK45/88 GCR CCT £7.25
PK44/88 GSWR T.P.O £6.00
PK33/87 GWR T.P.O £5.00
PK64/89 ECJS Dining Car £11.50
PK77/91 HR CCT £8.00